Football: Saturday scrimmage notes

A few tidbits from Saturday afternoon's scrimmage at Spaulding Field:

  • Richard Brehaut was impressive, completing 11 of 21 passes for 146 yards and a touchdown. He started off well before tailing off, but Brehaut was pleased with his overall efficiency. "We had a good day and established what we wanted to," he said. "I like where I'm at."

  • Brett Hundley used his legs well, running for 82 yards on 10 carries, a large chunk of that coming on a 50-yard touchdown scamper. The true freshman made a few mental mistakes, but he didn't seem too concerned about them. "Right now I sort of have to run a lot because my reads aren’t there," Hundley said. "So if I do feel a little pressure in the pocket, I’m taking off. Once I get the reads then all the passes will start coming, but right now, I’m using my legs a lot because all these reads are going so fast and I don’t have it down to 100 percent. In two weeks, I don’t expect to have it. But once I do have it, then the passes will start coming and everything will come together."

  • Starting tackle Sean Sheller sat out practice with a broken right hand. The injury occurred on what he called a freak accident near the end of Thursday's practice. Sheller wore a splint Saturday but will be in a cast Monday and will wear a club protector for the remaining practices. He said he would miss some of the heavy contact periods over the rest of the spring but added that if this were the regular season he wouldn’t miss any time. “It’s something you can play through,” Sheller said.

  • Jordon James and Damien Thigpen had the other rushing touchdowns. Thigpen's nine-yard score earned the loudest roar of the afternoon -- the 5-foot-8 speedster ran to the right, was met by a few defenders near the goal line, reversed his field and soared over the left pylon for the touchdown. Johnathan Franklin had seven yards on five carries; Malcolm Jones had two on three.

  • Ricky Marvray had the only touchdown catch, an 18-yarder from Brehaut. The pocket collapsed, so Brehaut broke to the right and saw Marvray streaking toward the sideline. The ball was under thrown, but Marvray beat out the taller Glenn Love for the jump ball in the end zone. "That whole play was all about trust," Marvray said. "Brehaut knows. I always tell him, 'Just put it up.' I'm going to come down with it, no matter who is around."

  • Place kicker Kip Smith had field goals of 28, 42 and 45 yards and missed one from 48. It was his first live-action of the spring. Smith said he used to practice nothing but 50-yarders to help improve his power, but has since changed his method. "I'm working on my consistency from inside 40," he said.

  • Nate Chandler made the defensive play of the day, blowing up a play in the backfield to cause a Thigpen fumble. Donovan Carter scooped it up and returned it for a score. "We're playing fast," Chandler said. "I feel like I've found my spot on the defense, feel like I can be a leader."