One-on-one with James Keefe

Senior James Keefe injured his left shoulder one too many times this season and opted to have season-ending surgery to repair the damage. Despite not being available, Keefe wore his uniform and was introduced with his family before Saturday's game as part of Senior Day celebrations.

Blair Angulo: Talk about what you felt during the pregame introductions on Senior Day.

James Keefe: Obviously, it was a little emotional. Four years is a long time -- it's been a great journey. To have it all conclude in my last game at Pauley is definitely emotional. I wish we could have gone out with a win but it was a good game. I really wanted to be out there playing. Overall, it was a great four years. It was fun to be out there on center court to take it all in.

Angulo: How hard was it for you not to be out there playing in such a close game?

Keefe: It's really disappointing. In warm-ups, I was getting hyped for the game. Sitting on the bench is not what you want to be doing, but it is what it is. I thought we played pretty good. We had a good comeback, but it was hard to watch that.

Angulo: What's your most memorable moment inside this building?

Keefe: When we beat Cal for the Pac-10 Championship a couple years ago, when Josh [Shipp] hit that shot. The crowd was crazy that night. The team chemistry was great, we were all together. That was just a crazy weekend.

Angulo: What was it like to wear that uniform one last time?

Keefe: It was great. Usually when you're not playing you wear street clothes, but heck, it was my last time in Pauley. I wanted to take some pictures with my mom with my jersey on. That was obviously emotional, but hey, it's been a great a ride.