Richard Brehaut comes back from 'dead'

Avoiding sacks has been a major focal point for UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel and the Bruins' offense so far in training camp. On Saturday morning, Neuheisel made a demonstrative example out of Richard Brehaut after Brehaut failed to unload a pass on time and took a virtual sack by a blind-side blitzer during a team drill.

Neuheisel ordered Brehaut to lay down on the ground, then ordered some offensive teammates to carry him off the field.

"Drag him off the field," he shouted. "Throw out your dead."

Brehaut got to his feet in an attempt to walk off, but Neuheisel ordered him back down.

"Lay down," he said. "You're dead."

Afterward, Neuheisel said it was all part of the lesson he is trying to instill in his quarterbacks.

"You have to understand your protections, you have to understand when you’ve got to get the ball out of there, you have to understand that we can’t take big sacks and have turnovers, especially when you get blindsided," Neuheisel said. "So that’s a good reminder."

Kevin Prince relieved Brehaut for one play, but Brehaut returned and a few plays after that connected with Devin Lucien on a nice throw and catch for about a 50-yard touchdown -- one of the nicest offensive pass plays so far in camp.