Kevin Prince has best practice of fall

Quarterback Kevin Prince rebounded from a tough couple of days by performing at a high level in practice Wednesday morning.

Prince routinely hit his receivers in stride on short, long and medium-range passes and connected with Nelson Rosario on a 50-yard touchdown, splitting defensive backs Aaron Hester and Alex Mascarenas with a pinpoint pass. The overthrows and underthrows prominent in his recent practice performances were nowhere to be found.

"Much sharper," coach Rick Neuheisel said. "I thought maybe as good a practice as he’s had."

Prince is currently in a competition for the starting spot with Richard Brehaut, but has the spotlight to himself for a few days as Brehaut recovers from a sprained foot. Brehaut, who was in a walking boot Tuesday, showed up at practice Wednesday without the boot and walking without a noticeable limp.

Neuheisel said he hoped to have Brehaut back by Saturday's fall scrimmage.

Prince, who said Tuesday that he was going to go "back to basics" in order to emerge from his throwing slump, appeared to have things figured out Wednesday morning. Neuheisel said Prince just needed to straighten out the mechanics of his footwork.

"It’s definitely like anything that requires skill and touch, it’s a confidence thing," Neuheisel said. "A golfer with confidence can hit any shot. A golfer without it is playing defense all day long. You just have to have confidence. We want to coach him hard but we also want to remind him that he’s a good player."