Neuheisel offers a mea culpa for outburst

A day after berating his team for a mistake-filled practice, coach Rick Neuheisel backtracked a bit, saying the session wasn't nearly as bad as he thought.

"I was just frustrated with some offside penalties at the end of practice," he said. "As I watched tape, the team was actually playing very well."

Neuheisel laid into the team Wednesday in a post-practice tirade, saying that the team "lost it's concentration" and calling it a "disappointing practice for a game week." But on Thursday he had a change of heart.

"I might have been the one that was most frustrated rather than them," he said, later adding that "it’s important that they know that we as coaches are only trying to pull the very best out of them. And believe wholeheartedly in their abilities and their character and believe that this can be a terrific season regardless of how things went in game one."