Another week of quarterback roulette

UCLA's quarterback situation remains murky as the Bruins head for a showdown with Texas on Saturday at the Rose Bowl, with coach Rick Neuheisel saying Tuesday after practice that both Richard Brehaut and Kevin Prince would "be ready to go."

"I’m going to continue to watch," Neuheisel said. "I think both bring unique talents to the game and I wouldn’t hesitate to playing them both. I’m not going to commit to playing them both because I don’t know how games go, but I don’t feel the need to name a starter up until game time."

Prince started the season opener against Houston but left early in the second quarter because of a sprained shoulder. He had limited practice last week and did not play against San Jose State, acknowledging Tuesday that he was "still not 100 percent." He said he expected to be at full strength by Saturday's game.

Brehaut played most of the season opener and all of last week's victory over San Jose State and has completed 29 of 49 passes for 409 yards and three touchdowns.

Neuheisel said before the season opener that both quarterbacks would play and made good on that after Prince's injury forced his hand. He made no such guarantees about Saturday's game, however, even though both appear as though they'll both be ready to go.

"While they both deserve a chance to play, I want to be sure I’m not guaranteeing that and putting that in front of what the team needs at any particular time," Neuheisel said. "So I’m going to trust my instincts as to what we should do during the course of a game, but certainly both will prepare as if they’re going to play and both will be ready to play."

Neuheisel acknowledged that part of his hesitancy in naming a starter is because "I don't want to play all my cards."

"But I think you have to do what’s best for the football team and sometimes I think that’s better left unsaid rather than always be out there telling everybody what I plan to do and having to do exactly as I said I would just because I said it," Neuheisel said. "So if you say little, you don’t have as much to back up."