Bruins to play at Cowboys Stadium

UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero announced Tuesday in his weekly blog that the Bruins' football team will play a game at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas "in the not-so-distant future."

Guerrero did not offer any specifics, saying only that it would be "an early-season game against a marquee opponent" and that an official announcement would be coming in the next few days.

The full text of Guerrero's blog item:

During my tenure as a member of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Committee, I conducted a site visit at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas in 2008 while it was still under construction to ascertain whether it could possibly serve as a future venue for the NCAA Final Four. Soon after this tour, Cowboys Stadium was indeed selected to host the Final Four in 2014.

As part of this visit, Jerry Jones walked me around and shared his vision for the stadium. Of course, football is his love, and he was adamant when he stated that there would be no finer venue in which to experience a football game. Soon afterward, it became my vision to somehow get the Bruins to play in that stadium and allow our fans to truly enjoy that special experience.

I am pleased to announce that this vision will come true in the not-so-distant future. We have negotiated a deal that will feature the Bruins playing an early-season game against a marquee opponent at Cowboys Stadium. An official announcement should be coming in the next few days.

Bruin fans, make sure to get those cowboy boots ready because the two-step awaits.