Bruins defense better than advertised?

The Bruins defense enters this season with some big holes to fill after losing key players such as Brian Price and Alterraun Verner to the NFL draft and losing top returning lineman Datone Jones to a broken foot, but even so, the Bruin defenders seemed to have the upper hand in Saturday evening's scrimmage.

Freshman safety Dietrich Riley had two interceptions, linebacker Akeem Ayers made several big hits and the Bruins defense allowed only one score and two plays of more than 10 yards.

"We’re ahead of where I thought we’d be," All-American safety Rahim Moore said. "Our IQ game is better. We’re smarter, we’re more physical, we’re faster. We know our goals. We’re more hungry."

But did the defense dominate Saturday, or did it just take advantage of an offense that made some crucial mistakes?

"I wouldn’t say the defense dominated the offense or that the offense dominated the defense," Moore said. "They put up some plays and we put up some plays. I would just say that we had a good day of competing. That’s how I look at it."

Defensive coordinator Chuck Bullough said the best part of his unit's performance was the attitude it took to the field.

"I was pleased with the effort," he said. "There was some hitting going on. There were some good hits. There are still some things we need to clean up, but this is early in season. That’s going to happen."