Greg Capella 'still struggling' with concussion

LOS ANGELES -- UCLA reserve guard Greg Capella is still recovering from a concussion, coach Jim Mora said Tuesday, and he doesn't expect Capella to return to the team any time soon.

Capella hasn't played since Sept. 15 against Houston -- a span of four games. He also missed time during spring camp with a concussion and has not been able to pass concussion tests during the last few weeks.

"He's still struggling," said Mora, who has been extra careful with concussions during his tenure as UCLA coach. "He's still symptomatic to a certain degree. Given his history starting in camp, I just think we have to make sure he is beyond OK before we put him back out here. It's just not worth it. I'd be surprised if it wasn't a few more weeks."

Mora said it has been difficult for Capella, who started every game last season and was expected to be a key reserve this season. Capella has not been attending practices, but Mora said he has not yet broached the idea of a medical retirement with Capella.

"I talked to Greg and he feels like he's letting his team down by not being out here and he's not," Mora said. "This isn't an injury that you can just push through, tape it up, tough it out and get back out there. This is a head injury so you have to be real sensitive to that and I don't want him to feel any guilt so we're just trying not to put pressure on him."