Owen Marecic is Stanford's Mr. Everything

Stanford's Owen Marecic does it all.

The senior is regarded as one of the nation's best fullbacks -- a title he gained by paving the way for Heisman Trophy finalist Toby Gerhart. A ball carrier is only as good as the blocks in front of him, and given Gerhart's size, the gaps in front of him had to be wide.

Four of Marecic's eight receptions last year were for touchdowns, so he's not just a blocker.

When the Cardinal offense is done, Marecic stays on the field. He also starts at middle linebacker.

And if that weren't enough, Marecic is a human biology major with a GPA hovering near 4.00.

"You don't see anybody do what we're doing this year, starting him on both sides of the ball," coach Jim Harbaugh said. "I don't know if teams have a guy like Owen Marecic. This youngster is an amazing football player, the perfectly engineered football player."

We caught up with him at Pac-10 media day, where he tried to describe quarterback Andrew Luck and spoke about playing both sides of the ball. Watch the video below.