Bailey on his concussion(s)

USC linebacker Dion Bailey played about two hours of football after he first suffered a concussion Saturday against Stanford.

Then, in the second overtime, he got hit again and couldn't continue on the field, asking out for freshman Tre Madden. Now, the redshirt freshman Bailey continues to sit out of practice while he waits to be fully cleared for competition by team trainers, but he insists he's not worried about the pile-up of what is now his third concussion over the last two years.

“Concussions are a part of football,” Bailey said Wednesday. “We’re out here banging and everything. You’re bound to get one. Just hopefully you recover better than others."

He suffered his first concussion his senior year at Lakewood High in 2009, then another last year while redshirting for USC. Then, on Saturday, on a second-quarter hit in which he broke his chin strap, he started feeling a ringing sensation in his head but didn't the trainers until it worsened on the first play of the second overtime, when he got "knocked out."

USC didn't announce his injury, but as he walked out of the locker room after the game, he was clearly being bothered by something. He didn't respond to questions asked to him and altogether looked shaken.

It turns out that Bailey, USC's leading tackler, was taken to the hospital later that night for tests. He did not spend the night, but he's been taking post-concussion tests each day since the game to try to get cleared.

He hasn't yet, obviously. But he said Wednesday that he feels good, "much better than I did on Saturday night."

Now he just needs to feel a little bit better -- and show the trainers -- to be able to play in two days.

"I'm hoping that I get cleared to play," he said. "I'm doing all the things necessary to get 100 percent.

"I just have to pass a couple concussion tests on the computer and I'll probably get cleared to play on Friday."