Kiffin and Mora are now neighbors

Lane Kiffin and new UCLA head coach Jim L. Mora are indeed neighbors in Manhattan Beach, the Trojans' coach confirmed Thursday.

But Kiffin did not actually text the Bruins' coach from just outside his new house earlier this month, as Mora told reporters this week.

"I didn't text him from the lawn," Kiffin said. "There was a realtor that we knew that said he was moving a street or two away from us. So I just texted him something."

Upon recently settling in to the popular high-class neighborhood, Mora said he was surprised to find that his new rival was located so close.

"Guess who’s right around the corner from me?” Mora told reporters earlier this week. “A guy named Kiffin. He sent me a text a couple of weeks ago. He was ‘Yeah, standing in front of your house. You know you’re in Trojan country.’ I just laughed.”

Is Kiffin concerned Mora has moved into his territory in the South Bay?

"It doesn't bother me," he said. "A town divided."