Twitter handles: Barkley cares, Kiffin doesn't

LOS ANGELES -- USC made an unprecedented move last week to include its players' Twitter handles in their official biographies online and in the game notes for each week. (Examples: here, here and here.)

The decision was met mostly with praise from around the country, especially contrasted with Florida State's recent decision to ban its players from tweeting. Coach Lane Kiffin was even credited by many for opening up his program and giving his players a platform to the public.

Well, it became clear Tuesday that the decision to incorporate social media into USC's official site was not Kiffin's call. Asked about it, the Trojans' third-year coach said he didn't care at all and didn't have an opinion.

"It doesn’t have anything to do with winning or losing," Kiffin said.

Maybe USC's other high-profile spokesperson played a role, then. Quarterback Matt Barkley said Tuesday it was about time that USC included that sort of information on its official site, but he also cautioned that the move brings more responsibility to the Trojans for what they say on the social network.

"I think it’s unique," Barkley said of the move to list his teammates' Twitter accounts online. "It’s a sign of the times and how our world is getting more and more digital. It’s also a reminder to our players that you are on a pedestal, no matter if you are a starter or a backup, the world is watching.

"You just have to be mindful of what you say, what you tweet, and that fans -- little kids who look up to you -- are seeing those tweets and what you say so just be mindful that you are a representative of the university."