Video: Kiffin after Thursday's practice

LOS ANGELES -- Here's USC Trojans coach Lane Kiffin talking after Thursday practice in preparation for Saturday's game against Stanford.

He addresses the play of cornerback Ryan Henderson and defensive tackle Antwaun Woods, both freshmen, and discusses why he's not motivating his team with what happened against Stanford last season.

After the session was over, Kiffin brought up the issue of the two-day suspension of Los Angeles Daily News reporter Scott Wolf, which was revoked Wednesday after a conference call between local editors and USC athletic director Pat Haden. The suspension was levied after Wolf reported that USC kicker Andre Heidari would miss three weeks with a torn meniscus that required surgery.

"What we're trying to get done is really to come up with the best situation for all of us," Kiffin said. "Apologize if that was taken the wrong way -- we viewed it differently. There's not necessarily right or wrong."

Kiffin said USC administrators would be attempting to work out a plan that benefitted both parties and allowed the Trojans to not have a competitive disadvantage against opposing teams with similar policies.