Heritage Hall reaction

Heritage Hall was strangely quiet this afternoon, considering all that's happened today.

Joe McKnight is gone to the NFL, and the most recent rumors have head coach Pete Carroll possibly leaving to coach the Seattle Seahawks.

A few players and assistants have been shuffling in and out of USC's athletic headquarters. Most coaches have said they had no comment, including running backs coach Todd McNair and special teams coordinator Brian Schneider.

Sophomore defensive end Malik Jackson came into Heritage while walking his dog, hoping to find out more information. He said all he knew was what he'd heard on television and through brief conversations with teammates.

Jackson said he first heard about it in a text message from former tight end Anthony McCoy this morning. Jackson said the text read, "Looks like you guys are gonna be without a coach."

"We’ll see what’s going to happen," Jackson said. "That’s all we can wait and do."

Former safety Will Harris said he didn't know much either.

Said Harris: "I just know what everybody else knows."

Harris cited the McKnight investigation, Stafon Johnson injury, and now the Carroll situation as evidence of perhaps a USC football demise.

"It's sad to see everything going down like this," Harris said. "But that's the way it goes."

But Harris also said he supported his former coach in whatever he chose to do.

"People move on to do better things," Harris said. "And that's what he's about to do."