Unseated starters talk about competition

Lane Kiffin said Sunday that two positions -- mystery ones, as he declined to name them -- would be re-opened to competition this week after poor play over the weekend against Oregon.

Tuesday, he revealed those spots to be strong safety and left guard, where Jawanza Starling and Butch Lewis had each started the first eight games. And, saying Starling's spot was "definitely" open and calling Lewis' play "completely unacceptable," he also announced the official challengers as safety Marshall Jones and guard Michael Reardon.

Neither Jones nor Starling has visibly pulled ahead at safety, with each player looking a bit tentative in tackling drills and underwhelming in team scrimmages. At guard, Lewis has turned up his energy -- he was lackadaisical Saturday, clearly -- and Reardon has continued his charge to start.

We've had comments from both of the challengers this week on the blog -- Jones Tuesday, Reardon Wednesday -- and, today, we have videos with the two unseated starters.

See what Starling and Lewis had to say: