USC-Arizona grades


A much better day for Matt Barkley, who in large part looked very calm and collected under center. His completion percentage was solid, and his only interception wasn't his fault at all -- a pass delivered dead-on that glanced directly off the body of Jordan Cameron.


Marc Tyler's second consecutive 100-yard game was indicative of the Trojans' reliance on the run game when big yards were needed. Tyler's success made it unnecessary for Lane Kiffin to get the other backs into the mix.


An 'A' for the offensive line and a C for the defense. Barkley wasn't sacked all game long and Tyler saw plenty of holes. Jurrell Casey and the D-line did come up with two sacks, but Foles wasn't typically under pressure when he dropped back.


This grade's on a slight curve after what the Trojans have done defensively so far this year, but Saturday's performance was actually one of their better ones, all things considered. Arizona's run game was run into the ground by the USC defenders.


John Baxter's squad made no real mistakes, converted its only field-goal attempt and forced a miss on the Wildcats' only attempt. But there were no special plays, and returners Robert Woods and Ronald Johnson failed to break anything big -- albeit in limited opportunities.


Kiffin coached probably his best game of the season against the Wildcats, coming out with a well-oiled gameplan and allowing his team to execute it well. Play-calling was on point, and there were no truly questionable decisions from Kiffin or his staff.