Postgame extras: Oregon State

CORVALLIS, Ore. -- Video interviews with USC coach Lane Kiffin and defensive end Wes Horton, plus several quotes that stood out from after USC's 36-7 loss to Oregon State on Saturday at Reser Stadium:

USC safety T.J. McDonald, on the performance of the defense in relation to the score of the game: "The score says it all. It was just a different kind of game, and we needed to make sure that we played our best on our side of the ball. I felt like we did OK, but a loss is a loss and we can't blame the offense, we can't blame the defense. It was a team loss, so we have to go back and get on the chalkboard and go back to work.

Oregon State coach Mike Riley, on his team's offensive game: “They battled those guys from 'SC, and it wasn’t easy. It was hard to have consistency. We had some series where we didn’t really do much. But for the most part we took care of the football, and then we had some timely drives and made some timely plays. The team played hard and got the lead and finished. In the end, we won that game finishing strong.”

USC quarterback Matt Barkley, on what he saw from the Beavers while he was in the game in the first half: "They were a good team. Their defensive line was getting after it and it seemed like on a lot of those apsses their guys were just right there to make stops. I don't really know about the run game right now. We'll see on tape but we did not play well on offense at all; not nearly close to how we needed to play to win. It just wasn't a good day for us."

Oregon State center Alex Linnenkohl, on the difference in the game: “You can break it down to just five or six plays where there’s either an inch of daylight or it’s just not there and you have to go to the pass. Today our defense did great. They were just unbelievable in stopping them and I give them all the credit for letting us open up the playbook a little bit. We got to run the ball, do some sweeps and screens, we got some passes in and you know that’s fun to get going like that."

USC running back C.J. Gable, the Trojans' leading rusher, on the play of reserve quarterback Mitch Mustain: "He played good. He had to step up in a crucial situation and he tried his best. I'm not gonna be mad at him. He did what he had to do, and I'm happy that he came in with his head up."


Kiffin made his feelings clear in the news conference, calling his offense "horrible" and spending significant time lamenting what was that unit's worst performance of the season.

It wasn't defensive or special teams issues that caused the Trojans to lose, Kiffin said. It was the defense.

See all of what he had to say in the news conference room following Saturday's game:


Horton was one of many Trojans who said after Saturday's game they had no idea why USC continued to struggle so much in the state of Oregon.

It wasn't the Reser Stadium crowd, he said. Neither the hovering-around-40-degrees weather. But he couldn't put his finger on any other reasons.

See all of what the redshirt sophomore defensive end had to say: