More on Markeith Ambles' return

The story on Markeith Ambles returning to practice Tuesday is here. Here's a little bit more on his situation:

USC coach Lane Kiffin, on how he decides the level of punishment for players and when a strike is a strike and when the strikes add up to an out: "A lot of it has to do with what are the strikes. A lot of it has to do with: Is it affecting the rest of your team? There's no exact rules for it. Because so many kids do make it. ... It's really neat when they change. It's hard sometimes to give up on them, especially when you've known the kids for a while and you know what they're going back to."

Receivers coach Ted Gilmore, on whether's been keeping up with Ambles over the last week: "Oh, Markeith and I have been having a lot of conversation. And Markeith cannot be afraid to have success. I say that because right now we cannot be afraid to have success. We gotta allow ourselves to have success. He's an example of a young man that's gotta learn how to strain -- that's gotta learn how to compete off the field as well as on the field, in all aspects of his life. You can't just turn it on like a light switch and think that it's gonna happen for you. It comes from all your daily habits and the things you do every single day that allow you to do that. Those are the things we're working on."

Ambles: "Coaches just wanted me to run, run for missing weights. Me, I just didn't want to do it, so I went in the locker room and we talked afterwards. I just had to come back and do that over and now everything's back to how it is."