Revisiting Oregon State

Again, not a pleasant atmosphere in USC's locker room following the Trojans' 49-44 loss to Oregon State on Saturday. Here are a few choice quotes we couldn't fit into the recap:

Coach Kevin O'Neill, on whether he believes his team is tired, which he said Thursday: "I can't even tell anymore. Tired’s not an excuse for 20 turnovers. Tired’s not an excuse for shooting 29 percent. It’s who we are, and it’s unfortunate for our fans and unfortunate for everybody."

More O'Neill, on the team's recent three-game losing streak to Washington State, Oregon and Oregon State: "The thing that’s in common is that all those teams played us zone."

Forward Nikola Vucevic, on the Trojans' overall fatigue: “That is a factor, but it’s not an excuse,” Vucevic said. “Because every team plays the same amount of games, so everybody’s tired. We did feel a little tired and we don’t have a lot of rotation so the time accumulates and we get worn out and we can’t keep up the same intensity for 40 minutes."

Guard Dwight Lewis, reflecting on the loss: “I was disappointed with how the game turned out,” Lewis said. “We didn’t want to leave the Galen Center on a loss, but it happened, and we can’t really do much about it now.”

More Lewis, asked if he understood why the Trojans were more successful again: "It's mind boggling. I don't know what it is. We beat good teams and lose to the bottom half of the Pac-10."

Oregon State coach Craig Robinson, on his impression of a USC team that struggled to score against his Beavers: "Their front line is so athletic and imposing. It was so demoralizing for them to have nine offensive rebounds in the first half and it looked like we weren't going to be able to get back in this game."