Kevin Magnussen raises Halo concern after pit lane fire

Sutton Images

Kevin Magnussen says the addition of a Halo device could have made the fire that engulfed his Renault during Friday practice in Malaysia even more dangerous.

Magnussen immediately jumped out of his Renault when it caught fire on its return to the pit lane early in first practice. The fire was the result of a fuel leak in the breather at the top of the car, resulting in fuel catching fire as it spilled over the top of the airbox and sidepods. The fire was eventually brought under control by regular blasts of fire extinguishers as mechanics drained the fuel tank.

The Dane was able to safely get out of the car in under five seconds when it initially caught fire, raising the question of how much longer it would have taken if a Halo cockpit protection device was fitted.

"Personally I've never run the Halo so I'm not the best person to ask," he said. "In my opinion five seconds is too long. If the car is on fire you don't want to take five seconds. I don't know, it's an interesting question..."

Magnussen said he was not aware of the fire until he was told to jump out.

"I didn't know. Everything worked well on the car on the in lap, so just saw the smoke and hopped out."