Conger and Matsui

Found this while trolling the Web and thought it was worthy of passing along: Angels catching prospect Hank Conger is keeping a diary on the fan site Angelswin.com.

In his latest entry, Conger is excited to be in the same room with Hideki Matsui. Conger, who is half Korean, said he has always followed the careers of Asian players in the majors. Matsui was a sensation in the Japanese Central League with the Yomiuri Giants before coming to the U.S. to play for the Yankees. He is in his first season with the Angels.

Conger also calls the Japanese reporters who cover Matsui "Paparazzi." Not quite fair. Most of them are hard-working, experienced journalists who have been covering Matsui's baseball exploits for years. Few of them hide in the bushes hoping to catch a photo of Matsui emerging from a 7-11.