Tuesday's Clippers News: Austin Rivers ready for fast lane

Austin Rivers thinks he's ready for NBA's fast lane: Ever since early childhood, when Clippers guard Austin Rivers needs to relax, to check out and calm down, he’ll sit in his room, music on, building model replicas of his favorite cars. He estimates he’s done this more than 300 times in his life. But after he signed a three-year, $35 million deal, he traded in the models for the real thing – a matte gray Ferrari F12 sports car. “I’ve always been a fan of cars, and Ferrari is my favorite car,” Rivers said. He loved them so much, before he owned one, Rivers would visit the Beverly Hills Ferrari dealership to talk with staff members, picking their brains about other car companies, about mechanics and about speed. -- The Orange County Register

Clippers looking for an answer at small forward ... again: Chris Paul is cognizant of the difficulties the Clippers have endured over the years trying to solidify the small-forward position. “It’s been a revolving door,” Paul said. And essentially the same vortex will swirl around three players who hope they can secure the starting small-forward spot this season. -- Los Angeles Times