Kobe Bryant talks about what was most impressive about Shaquille O'Neal and tells a funny Shaq story.

Kobe Bryant looks back at his Lakers' relationship with Shaq and says it was very important for him to prove he could win a title without him.

Kobe Bryant says he's always a phone call away for Magic Johnson and Lakers GM Rob Pelinka, but would rather do more creative things with his time rather than day-to-day operations.

As the Lakers prepare to unveil a statue of Shaquille O'Neal, Rachel Nichols recalls her time covering the legendary athlete.

The newest addition to the Staples Center brings back Shaquille O'Neal's dominant throw downs.

Stephen A. Smith dismisses the notion that he met his match in LaVar Ball and also offers an insider's view as to why the Lakers are so interested in Lonzo Ball.

Shaquille O'Neal talks to Jimmy Kimmel about his "flat Earth" comments and other wild beliefs.

Stephen A. Smith doesn't agree with Shaq's assessment of his Lakers' ability to dominate today's Warriors team.

No Hablo Español is rolling R's with Jimmy Smits

March, 24, 2017
Mar 24


It's almost a Hollywood truth, everything is better with Jimmy Smits in it. And this holds true for No Hablo Español.

The Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actor and star of TV institutions such as "L.A. Law," "NYPD Blue," "The West Wing," "Dexter," and "Sons of Anarchy" is now starring in "24: Legacy" on FOX. In movies, Smits played Senator Bail Organa in two Star Wars prequels and the recent spinoff "Rogue One."

Sports has always been part of his life and upbringing in New York and Puerto Rico. The L.A. resident can frequently be seen at Staples Center.

Smits dropped by ESPN's Los Angeles studio to sit down with host Danny Corrales and weigh in on topics such as his new show, the iconic nature of "24" and the need for anti-inflammatory medication after running around on a day of filming. Most important of all, the two discuss the crucial nature of the proper pronunciation of the Spanish "R" sound, as explained via a memorable "Saturday Night Live" sketch Smits took part in years ago.

The acting star also recounted how feeling like an outsider in Puerto Rico helped him go into his profession. Although Smits and his family had often visited the island in his childhood (his mother is from Puerto Rico), it was only when they moved there for two years when Smits was around 10 that he had to make a major cultural adjustment. The lifestyle of the island was in sharp contrast to his life in the United States, where he had lived previously.

"After a lot of therapy," Smits said jokingly about the situation, he found that experience useful to draw on for a wide variety of roles.

Corrales also confessed that watching Smits in one of his key roles, Matt Santos on "The West Wing," had an impact on him. On the show, the character ascended to the U.S. presidency. On Corrales' show, Smits ascends to the status of one of the most affable guests on No Hablo Español.

Be sure to also check out the extended No Hablo Español podcasts.

Shaquille O'Neal will get his Lakers statue on Friday, and Kobe Bryant couldn't be happier: Only in looking back can Kobe Bryant truly appreciate the impact Shaquille O’Neal had on his career. In basketball history it is impossible to mention one without the other. “When you win three titles together and you’ve had so much impact on one another’s legacy as a player and as a champion,” Bryant said by phone this week. -- Los Angeles Times

Long trips for one game don't sit well with Los Angeles Lakers Coach Luke Walton: In the NBA’s attempt to reduce games on consecutive nights and stretches of four games in five nights, the league has created a schedule quirk that annoys Lakers Coach Luke Walton: One-game trips several time zones away. The Lakers this season have played the Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks, Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder in separate one-game trips. And they’ve got upcoming one-game trips to San Antonio and Minnesota. -- Los Angeles Times

Shaq has ‘great emotions’ before Lakers unveil statue: Shaquille O’Neal looked confused as he heard the news that further validated his place in Lakers lore. After laughing on set with Jimmy Kimmel on Jan. 28, 2016, ABC’s late-night television host showed O’Neal a rendition of a 1,200-pound, 9-foot statue the Lakers planned to unveil of the former superstar outside of Staples Center. O’Neal hardly considered the honor a slam dunk, even if the statue showed him throwing one down. -- The Orange County Register

Shaq's teammates recall practice pranks, trying to defend him: His brute force intimidated anyone who tried to defend him, and his pranks left nearly everyone roaring with laughter. A dominant big man and a life-long jokester, Shaquille O’Neal brought those traits to every stop during his 19-year NBA career, which included an eight-year run with the Lakers (1996-2004) that yielded too many dunks and jokes to count. -- The Orange County Register

Lakers' Luke Walton strives to keep players focused as season winds down: Even when the Lakers’ seasons ended in championship parades, this part of the NBA schedule seemed pointless, too. While the current Lakers (20-51) enter Friday’s game against the Minnesota Timberwolves (28-42) at Staples Center eager to address their offseason through the NBA draft and free agency, the playoff-bound Lakers wanted to play a game that actually meant something. -- The Orange County Register


Take a look back at Shaquille O'Neal's time in Los Angeles that included three championships and an intense rivalry with teammate Kobe Bryant.

You can't tell the story of Shaquille O'Neal's Lakers run without the three straight championships.

Stephen A. Smith cannot contain himself after LaVar Ball adds Magic Johnson to the list of comparative players to his son Lonzo.

In 2007, Kobe Bryant became just the 2nd player to ever drop 50+ in 4 consecutive games.

Stephen A. Smith has a problem with people being memorialized with statues.



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