PodKast: On Phil Jackson's teamwork comments, and Bynum's future

We're thiiiiiiiiiiiis close to the start of the 2010-11 season, as the Lakers kick off training camp Saturday afternoon in El Segundo. Sure, it seems like this year's offseason lasted all of eleven minutes, but whether you can't believe it's already here or have been daily carving notches into your drywall like a prisoner awaiting release, given the monumental possibilities of this year for the Lakers, every fan in the city is at least a little giddy to get rolling.

(For complete coverage of media day, join us for our live web broadcast, straight from El Segundo. 11 am-1 pm PT. Plugs placed in parentheticals are more subtle, right?)

To tie up the loose ends before the fun begins, Andy and I welcome Dave McMenamin, Lakers beat writer for ESPNLA.com, into the studio. First, we kick around Phil Jackson's comments to ESPN 1000 about the Miami Heat: They're talented, yes, but if they can't come together as a team, it won't matter. Teamwork is the key. P.J. was speaking a fairly self-evident truth about the Heat, but perhaps sending a message to his own team to remember the whole is more important than the individual, and also supporting his own record as a coach. (Yes, I've had talent, but look what I've managed to make the talent do together.)

From there, we move on to Andrew Bynum. His knee will keep him on the sidelines for much of training camp, and perhaps even the first few games of the season. For a guy with his history, is this a bad omen? What about Bynum's future? Should he still be considered a long term centerpiece for the Lakers? A guy who will be around for another decade?

All that, plus a dig at Red Auerbach!