Boston Celtics: Trade exceptional

We have a little something for Boston Celtics fans who prefer to divert their eyes from the standings these days:

Did you know that the Celtics are the NBA's runaway leaders in terms of trade exceptions?

Celtics Trade Exceptions (2014-15)

They are up to six active TPEs now after Thursday's three-team agreement to send Austin Rivers to the Los Angeles Clippers. Thanks to the construction of this swap with the Clippers and Phoenix Suns, which is fully spelled out in our news story here, Boston generated a $2.44 million trade exception.

Bear in mind, though, that Boston only has a few more months to take advantage of these handy little trade tools. Although each of the six TPEs comes with a specific expiration date of its own, Boston likely won't be able to make use of any of them after June 30 because the Celtics are projected to fall way under the 2015-16 salary cap starting July 1.