5-on-5: Russell Westbrook's surgery

An excerpt of Friday's 5-on-5 survey of ESPN writers:

How worrisome is the news of Russell Westbrook's surgery?

Marc Stein, ESPN.com: Trying to answer this as level-headedly as possible. Short term? The Thunder will be fine. They're plugging in one of the league's best sixth men in Westbrook's place in Reggie Jackson ... and no one in the West is really rolling these days outside of Portland and the Thunder themselves. Long term, though, it takes an uber-optimist not to be concerned by the fact Westbrook's right knee has required three surgeries in the space of eight-plus months. This is a guy whose durability, until this injury, was almost as impressive as the freakish athleticism Russ brings to the position. Worrisome is putting it mildly after three operations to repair one injury.

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