NBA Power Rankings: Week 11

There's not much drama to report, I'm afraid, in the latest edition of ESPN's weekly NBA Power Rankings.

The Golden State Warriors might have forced the committee (of one) into a tough decision had they saved up enough gas for the seventh game of their tour of the Eastern Conference to beat the Deron Williams-less Brooklyn Nets and complete the first 7-0 road trip in league history.

But a 6-1 trip, impressive as it was, couldn't quite nudge the Warriors ahead of the top-ranked Indiana Pacers, who narrowly held onto the No. 1 spot largely because what suddenly ranks as a quality home win over Toronto managed to offset the damage of a road loss in Atlanta one night later.

The newsiest developments of the week, then, are the Warriors climbing to the No. 2 slot -- where the view still has to look quite good to them -- as well as the Raptors rising to a totally unforeseen No. 8.

Both of the New York teams have likewise climbed into the teens, but the committee's overall mood, if we're being completely honest, is rather downcast.

As a glance at the injury-laded Phoenix comment will confirm.

This week's rankings were compiled, as always, with the usual Ty Lawson-esque dishing from ESPN Stats & Information and Elias. You can click here to rank the teams yourself until we return next Monday to take a fresh 1-to-30 pulse of the league.