All-Star Weekend's top contenders

It's a point we've made before and will continue to make:

Oddsmakers and their NBA forecasts always grab us not because we're endorsing (or even terribly interested in) gambling but because oddsmakers obviously have the greatest incentive to get their predictions right.

Which makes their perspective interesting and relevant. At least to me.

So here, without further delay, is a look ahead to All-Star Weekend courtesy of our friends at Bovada, who this afternoon have supplied their projections for the All-Star Game MVP chase and both of the big contests on All-Star Saturday:

Odds to win All-Star Game MVP

Courtesy @BovadaLV

Kevin Durant (West) 3/1

LeBron James (East) 7/2

Anthony Davis (West) 17/2

Carmelo Anthony (East) 10/1

Stephen Curry (West) 11/1

Paul George (East) 12/1

Blake Griffin (West) 12/1

Kevin Love (West) 14/1

Kyrie Irving (East) 16/1

Chris Paul (West) 18/1

LaMarcus Aldridge (West) 20/1

James Harden (West) 25/1

John Wall (East) 25/1

Dwyane Wade (East) 25/1

Chris Bosh (East) 30/1

Tony Parker (West) 35/1

Damian Lillard (West) 35/1

Dwight Howard (West) 35/1

Joakim Noah (East) 45/1

Dirk Nowitzki (West) 50/1

Roy Hibbert (East) 70/1

DeMar DeRozan (East) 70/1

Joe Johnson (East) 70/1

Paul Millsap (East) 70/1

Odds to win Dunk Contest

Courtesy of @BovadaLV

Paul George (Pacers) 6/5

Terrence Ross (Raptors) 7/2

John Wall (Wizards) 9/2

Ben McLemore (Kings) 5/1

Damian Lillard (Blazers) 5/1

Harrison Barnes (Warriors) 17/2

Odds to win Long Distance Shootout

Stephen Curry (Warriors) 2/1

Kevin Love (Wolves) 4/1

Arron Afflalo (Magic) 5/1

Kyrie Irving (Cavaliers) 11/2

Damian Lillard (Blazers) 6/1

Marco Belinelli (Spurs) 6/1

Bradley Beal (Wizards) 15/2

Joe Johnson (Nets) 10/1

PS -- Even with a ballyhooed new format in the dunk contest that will split the six participants into three-man East and West squads, there will be a Dunker of the Night award doled out that essentially equates to Dunk Contest Champion.