Open 3: Two Anthonys, No. 1 Pacers

Three quick slams and dunks from the deepest recesses of Stein Line HQ:

1. My timing isn't the best after Anthony Davis' first relatively mortal game of the season Sunday night in Phoenix, but put me down as convinced that he's going to be repping the hometown Pelicans in February's All-Star Game in New Orleans. Let’s be clear here: Davis cannot be a most improved player candidate, no matter how much of a leap he appears to have made just since his rookie season, because No. 1 overall draft picks are supposed to become franchise players. But All-Star in Year 2? Yes … even in a Western Conference overflowing with top-shelf forwards.

2. The numbers, by contrast, remain rather gruesome for Anthony Bennett. He has scored just five points on 1-for-21 shooting in his first seven games, which represents the lowest seven-game point total for a No. 1 overall pick in league history and sends him into Week 3 of his NBA career with an unfathomably microscopic player efficiency rating of 0.11. The Cavs, though, aren’t going to crush his confidence and send him straight to the D-League. Former No. 2 overall pick Hasheem Thabeet remains the highest draftee to ever get a D-League assignment and all signs point to Cleveland, at this juncture, keeping it that way. The D-League season opens in just under two weeks, but Bennett is still in Mike Brown’s rotation for 11 minutes a night. For now.

3. My favorite piece of statistical trivia at this tender juncture of the schedule? Only two teams have failed to score 100 points in a single game thus far. They are 7-0 Indiana and 0-7 Utah.