Phil Jackson's big challenge as Knicks prez

This is an excerpt from today's edition of 5-on-5:

1. Did the Knicks choose the best man for the job?

I've worked my way up to a solid maybe. But probably only if you buy into the theory that only someone with Phil's stature and pedigree can finally get Jim Dolan to step back and let the basketball people make some decisions. It's pretty insulting, given Phil's résumé, that so many of us on the outside -- and I include myself among the skeptics -- have been so dismissive of Phil's ability to surround himself with good people and assemble a winning organization. That skepticism, though, doesn't merely stem from the fact that Phil hasn't done any meaningful personnel work since his CBA days back in Albany. It stems from the fact that Phil has never been collaborative with the front-office folks he worked with when he was winning championships.

2. What is Phil Jackson's biggest challenge as president of the Knicks?

Dolan. And Dolan. And a little more Dolan. Let's take the leap of giving the guy with 11 rings some credit and consider the possibility that he has a vision for building a winning organization from a perch other than the bench. Let's also remember that the Knicks aren't going to be in cap hell forever and have the ability to spend their way out of mistakes -- such as the squandering of all those draft picks -- because they're swimming in revenue streams only the Lakers can match. The problem that dwarfs all those issues and assumptions is Dolan's presence and famed penchant for meddling. Dolan wants us to believe that Phil can be his Pat Riley, but there's no hope of that happening if Jackson isn't empowered by his owner like Riles has been in Miami. The Dolan factor can't be overstated here.

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