5-on-5: Who's on the hot seat?

1. Fair or unfair: Frank Vogel is coaching to keep his job.

Stein: Harsh, but fair. The Pacers, since last summer, have been making the sort of win-now moves they don't typically make. Expectations weren't simply raised externally. They expect a lot internally, too. Larry Bird has been as aggressive as we've seen since last summer because he thought he was assembling a team that could win a championship. If the Pacers don't right themselves in a hurry and finish the season far closer to that level than they look right now, lots of folks are at risk to get caught up in a shake-up, including Lance Stephenson and maybe even Roy Hibbert. Vogel knew the stakes in Indy this season. Everyone did.

2. Fair or unfair: Mark Jackson is coaching to keep his job.

Stein: Nothing has changed to move me off the position I've had on this one for months: Serious pressure on Jackson strays toward unfair because he's on the short list of coaches getting full buy-in from a team that -- let's not forget -- is well short of full strength in this series against the Clippers without Andrew Bogut. Firing a guy who gets that sort of buy-in is very risky, irrespective of Jackson's perceived shortcomings, because it's not easily replicated. Rumbles persist in coaching circles that Joe Lacob would prefer Steve Kerr in that chair to Jackson -- and it's an owner's prerogative to work with a coach he wants to work with -- but that's coaching. It's probably as far away from fair as anything in basketball.

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