5-on-5: Biggest storylines of the NBA Finals

1. What's the most important storyline of the Finals?

Stein: What LeBron does when it's over. As he vowed before the season started, LeBron has somehow managed to keep talk about his free-agent future to a surprising minimum. But the prospect of a historic three-peat that many assume would cement his decision to stay in Miami, or how losing to the Spurs would affect his decision to stay or go, is as big as the series itself. It's also true that big NBA Finals news conferences tend to attract broader and more challenging questions, so there should be some fun theater at the podium to test LeBron's ability to smother this stuff.

2. What's the second-most important storyline of the Finals?

Stein: What Pop and Timmy decide to do when it's over. Particularly if the Spurs win it all this time. The two faces of the franchise, as well as Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili, are all under contract for one more season. Do Pop and Timmy want to come back next season no matter what? Would winning it all prove to be too storybook a final chapter to resist? This is actually tied for No. 1 for me with the LeBron stuff, because it's going to be such a shock to the system when Pop and Timmy finally do leave us.

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