A look at luxury in the NBA this season

By now you’re well aware of our longstanding love of lists in the dear, departed Weekend Dime.

It just wouldn’t be Friday around here if we couldn’t continue the tradition.

So ...

Here are the six teams on course to pay luxury tax at season’s end:

Brooklyn Nets ($87,199,294)

New York Knicks ($35,779,147)

Miami Heat ($20,700,358)

Los Angeles Lakers ($12,624,061)

Chicago Bulls ($11,945,749)

Los Angeles Clippers ($2,509,161)

That adds up to a total of $170,757,773 being paid into the league’s distribution pool for non-tax teams.

There are two teams, meanwhile, which currently sit just under the luxury-tax line:

Boston Celtics ($134,098)

Toronto Raptors ($635,187)

And there are still five teams with cap room left over from the summer that can be used this season:

Philadelphia 76ers ($10,913,155)

Phoenix Suns ($5,714,623)

Utah Jazz ($1,953,834)

Milwaukee Bucks ($1,855,332)

Atlanta Hawks ($1,413,034)

PS -- Orlando is currently $811,167 over the 2013-14 cap but can move to $5,188,833 under if the Magic ultimately waive Hedo Turkoglu as expected. Only $6 million of Turkoglu’s $12 million salary is guaranteed.