One-On-One ... To Five: Bradley Beal

Brad Mills/USA TODAY Sports

Five questions and answers with Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal:

Q: What's different about Bradley Beal this season compared to last season?

A: I want to be able to create for myself as well as for my teammates. I'm putting the ball on the floor a lot more. Last year I was kind of one-dimensional. Just a catch-and-shoot guy, just strictly a shooter. But now I want to become more of a creator off the dribble, create for my guys and I'm doing a better job passing the ball, making better reads with the ball as well.

Q: How do you actually make that happen and add those things to your game?

A: A year under my belt really helps. I'm learning how people play me, learning how defenses [set], learning all the schemes and learning how to read the schemes. I just felt that I needed to help John [Wall] out. Last year he was really our only creator off the dribble. For my own benefit and the benefit of the team, I felt that was something I really needed to work on. ...

Q: A lot of people are talking about the step you've taken; Charles Barkley comes to mind. How much of that chatter are you hearing?

A: I really don't pay attention to it. Everybody has their own opinion about me, but I'm trying not to pay attention. All the outside stuff that goes on doesn't really matter.

Q: Beyond just you, though, when people talk about the Wizards, they're talking about the playoff drought or the pressure on Randy [Wittman] or the pressure on management. How much are you guys [in the locker room] feeling that?

A: It's something we put on ourselves. I think we pressure ourselves probably more than everybody else, because we know what we're capable of.

Q: The slow start doesn't ramp up the pressure?

A: It's not the start we wanted, but I know the caliber of team that we have. We have the pieces there. It's really just up to us players to put it together.