Pacers or Knicks: More eye-opening start?

This is an excerpt from today's edition of 5-on-5:

Pacers or Knicks: Whose start has been more eye-opening?

Stein: Can I get away with saying neither? Indiana came into the season as my undisputed No. 1 challenger to Miami's throne -- from either conference. So, yes, I have the temerity to say that I'm not terribly surprised by Indy's early form. And while you have to attribute a decent chunk of the Knicks' early woes to a Tyson Chandler injury that was out of their control, I did have New York pegged as a team headed for a season of tumult when ESPN The Magazine asked us for forecasts in October. The Knicks, even healthy, were not going to be as good this season as James Dolan believed.

George or Melo: Whom would you rather build your team around?

Stein: Who's younger? More importantly: Who's by far the better two-way player? Crazy as this might have sounded in November 2012, who could vote against Paul George at this stage?

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