Welcome to Stein Line Live!

The Weekend Dime has been a staple of ESPN.com's NBA coverage for as long as I can remember.

It was conceived as the digital-age answer to the full-page NBA column that I proudly inherited from David Moore in the stately Sunday editions of The Dallas Morning News before moving to ESPN full-time in September 2002. And the WD, at least to me, always had a broadsheet feel when freshly posted that I truly cherished.

Yet times change. Longstanding practices evolve. The league announced just last week that its three-decades-old NBA Finals format was being reconfigured ... and we're making tweaks of our own over here.

The Weekend Dime, historically re-launched every season on the first Friday after opening night, has gracefully been retired. In its place comes Stein Line Live, which debuts today as the new homepage for pretty much everything I write and report (or say via radio and TV) about the NBA.

Think of it as an all-week version of the Weekend Dime. There will be frequent updates, borrowing from the heritage of TrueHoop and Buster Olney's popular baseball blog, that are filed as they happen.

In other words: Why wait until the weekend for what you can have right away?

I'm certainly going to miss the WD, which I've come to regard as one of my babies, just like the weekly Power Rankings. We all know, though, that kids don't stay kids. It's time for the Weekend Dime and its l-o-n-g scroll to morph into something new and hopefully better. A vehicle, ideally, that takes the NBA junkie behind the scenes and inside the league's facts and figures with even greater frequency.

So let's tip this thing off. On this first Friday of the 2013-14 season, SLL has gone live. Thanks, as always, for clicking along.