Secrets of an original cup-spilling coach

As we were reminded on the day after Thanksgiving, courtesy of a video clip tweeted by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, Jason Kidd’s intentional cup spillage to manufacture a timeout when he had none was not quite a coaching first.

The venerable Del Harris, caught in the clip pulling a similar stunt as an assistant coach on Chicago’s bench in a game in Dallas against Kidd and the rest of the Mavs in 2008-09, estimates that he used that move “three or four times in a 53-year coaching career.”

Without ever getting fined.

“If the NBA institutes a retroactive fine for my poor footwork that caused an obviously awkward accident, I am sending the bill to Mark Cuban for dredging up the film,” Harris quipped Sunday.

And ...

When asked how he might have advised Kidd before, Harris joked: “Jason has got to understand that I have been a SAG member for 17 years. You have to learn how to look sorry for clumsiness instead of clever.”

It’s true: Harris snagged a Screen Actors Guild card back in 1996 when he played himself in a little film called “Space Jam” starring Michael Jordan.