Scouts Takes: Rookie of the Year race

Orlando's Victor Oladipo and Philly's Michael Carter-Williams are grabbing the attention of NBA scouts. Fernando Medina/Getty Images

Western Conference scout on choosing between leading Rookie of the Year candidates Victor Oladipo and Michael Carter-Williams:

"It's Oladipo for me in every aspect of guard play other than passing. If you insist on a straight point guard, then you want MCW. If you want the most explosive do-everything guard who plays better defense, it's Oladipo.

"Stats may dictate otherwise right now, but it's Oladipo if we're projecting down the road. Jacque Vaughn has thrown him into the fire ASAP, and I think he's that competitive and hungry that he will improve exponentially, even though it would probably help [Oladipo] at this stage to be playing more with Jameer [Nelson], because his decision-making is not there yet.

"MCW is a little tougher to evaluate because he's playing on a bad team with a lot of freedom to do whatever he wants and still stay on the floor. But I love his court vision and midrange/floater game. He's just above average for now as a setup guy, but the quick hands and length make him a capable defender.

"Who am I kidding? I'm an Oladipo guy, but I'd love to have either one."