Scouts Takes: Why West is dominating East

Eastern Conference scout on the ever-widening disparity in quality between the Western Conference and the Eastern Conference:

"I'm probably not breaking ground with this theory, but the most obvious thing to me is that the best players are in the West. If you eliminate Miami and Indiana, tell me which teams in the East have two superstars or at least two potential All-Stars on their roster.

"Now go to the West. If you just take the Texas and California teams, almost all of them have two legit All-Stars. San Antonio, Houston ... Dallas is close with Monta [Ellis joining Dirk Nowitzki]. The Clippers, Lakers and Golden State are all right there, too. That's six teams in just two states.

"The East can't keep up on pure talent. Look at Minnesota, Portland, Memphis has [Marc] Gasol and [Zach] Randolph. You can't say that about New York. You can't say that about Toronto. Kyrie Irving might get there eventually, but he isn't there yet in Cleveland to where he can really carry a franchise. Al Horford is the closest thing to a franchise player in Atlanta.

"It's not scientific or anything, but the best players are in the West. Let's hope this draft coming in June is as good as everyone says so the East can get some talent to help balance things out."