Scouts Takes: Spurs start offensive trend

Western Conference scout on the league's latest trend offensively:

"I used to think it was a little overblown to say that San Antonio controls the league in terms of all the coaches and executives they [send] to other teams, but there's a good amount of mirroring of San Antonio's early offense going on right now.

"Obviously you've got two new head coaches [Philadelphia's Brett Brown and Atlanta's Mike Budenholzer] that came right off of Pop's bench, but I see [several] teams that are taking pieces of the San Antonio puzzle in terms of trying to get the ball to change sides quickly and get into an early flow offense.

"Indiana runs a piece of it. Denver runs a piece of it. In recent years you saw a lot of teams taking pieces of Rick Adelman's "Corner" offense, but this year there's a San Antonio fingerprint of read and react in a lot of offenses.