Thursday still deadline day to Rockets

The Houston Rockets indeed have been informed that they have one day more to find a trade for Omer Asik than they originally believed.

However ...

Sources close to the situation told ESPN.com that the Rockets are continuing to operate with Thursday as their self-imposed deadline for trading the disgruntled big man.

If a workable deal does not materialize by the end of Thursday, sources said, Houston might be forced to step away from the negotiating table and hatch a new plan on how to proceed with the 7-footer from Turkey, who has been pushing to be traded since Dwight Howard's arrival in July.

ESPN.com reported on Dec. 6 that the Rockets originally told teams that they intended to move Asik by Thursday because that's the last day any players involved in the deal could be re-packaged with other players before the league's annual trade deadline on Feb. 20.

Sources confirmed to ESPN.com that the Rockets were advised by the league office this week that they have until Friday to trade Asik and still be able to re-aggregate anyone they acquire in a subsequent trade on Feb. 20. But the Rockets, sources insist, are not changing their timetable and continue to push for a trade Thursday, with Boston and Philadelphia widely considered the two most likely destinations.

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