Fraser still undecided

Alasdair Fraser is not a player mentioned often by casual college hoops' followers, but the 6-foot-7 forward is arguably the best frontcourt player in the America East. While Fraser was not Maine's offensive leader -- though Justin Edwards decided to trek to Kansas State for his final seasons of eligibility, his shots attempted percentage neared 30 percent -- but the big took 51 percent of his shots on the interior and converted 51 percent of those tries. While his percentage dipped from his sophomore season, Fraser often found himself the target of frequent double-teams, so it is worth noting that he managed to make over 50 percent of his twos as well while showcasing his newfound perimeter game (after only taking four threes in his first two seasons, Fraser attempted 40 threes in 2013). However, in the wake of the transfer decision from Edwards and Jon Mesghna, Fraser might also be on the move.