Dolphins mailblog: Ryan Tannehill's health

The Miami Dolphins are 2-0 after winning back-to-back road games. Let’s see what’s on the minds of Dolphins fans heading into Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons.

DrePowell72 via Twitter writes: How healthy is quarterback Ryan Tannehill?

James Walker: Any time you see a right shoulder injury for a quarterback, that raises eyebrows. But Tannehill is fine and will play on Sunday. He is listed as “probable.” Tannehill has been sacked nine times already in two games and is starting to develop some wear and tear. That should be a warning sign for Miami's offensive line that it needs to protect its quarterback better. It's a long season, and keeping Tannehill upright is important.

Brad from New York wants to know about the status of Dolphins starting safety Chris Clemons.

Walker: Clemons returned to practice Friday, which is a good sign. He is listed questionable with a hamstring injury, and I expect Clemons to be a game-time decision. The Dolphins certainly need Clemons. The Falcons are going to test Miami’s defense by throwing often and throwing deep.

Sliop24 via Twitter writes: Do you think cornerback Brent Grimes playing Julio Jones in practice when they were both on the Falcons will help him?

Walker: I asked Grimes this very question, Sliop24. Grimes said it helps, but that goes both ways. Jones also knows how Grimes likes to play. It really will come down to execution and which player is on the top of their game on Sunday. Both players are very talented.

TimWood1988 via Twitter writes: How scary good can this team be if they fire on all cylinders?

Walker: Any team is scary when firing on all cylinders, TimWood1988. But the Dolphins still have plenty to improve on. I’m curious to see if Miami can run the football more consistently and better protect Tannehill on offense. I also would like to see if the Dolphins can defend the tight end better on defense. Every team has things to work on, and right now these are three areas of improvement for the Dolphins.

Aqua_and_Orange via Twitter writes: How much has Charles Clay made people forget about Dustin Keller, and do you see his role expanding in this offense?

Walker: Clay has done a good job for two weeks. He has 10 receptions for 163 yards and a rushing touchdown in two games. However, it’s a long season and Clay must prove he can do it consistently for 16 games. Clay benefits from defenses not focusing on him. Look for Atlanta and other teams to pay some attention.

KipMoney via Twitter writes: Do you still do the chats? I haven't seen any lately.

Walker: Thanks for asking, KipMoney. Yes, I still chat on Tuesday. However, with Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin changing the schedule to practice on Tuesday, I haven’t been able to chat the past two weeks. I don’t know how much longer Philbin will stick to this plan. I assume as long as the team is winning nothing will change. But if this goes a couple more weeks, I might change my chat day from Tuesday or Thursday.