Ryan Tannehill must have short memory

DAVIE, Fla. -- Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin and offensive coordinator Mike Sherman have coached with and against great quarterbacks over the years. Coming from the Green Bay system alone, they have worked with future Hall of Famer Brett Favre and potential Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers.

Both coaches agree that it's important for Miami second-year quarterback Ryan Tannehill to have a short memory following his four-turnover performance in a 38-17 blowout loss to the New Orleans Saints. Tannehill had a three-interception game for the third time in his career and also lost a key fumble in the first half that started the team's downward spiral. On national television, it certainly wasn't Tannehill's finest hour.

Next up is the reigning Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens (2-2). This game will prove Tannehill's resolve and whether he can bounce back from poor performances at this stage of his career. One bad game for Tannehill cannot snowball into two or three.

"We just played a Hall of Fame quarterback, he's had four or five interception type games, he's had games like that in the past," Sherman explained. "I'm sure he would tell Ryan, as a future Hall of Famer that he is, one of the great quarterbacks Drew Brees, you've got to put it in your past. Every great quarterback has days like that."

This is the first hint of adversity for Tannehill this season. He played at an MVP level in the first three games -- all Miami victories. However, Tannehill's four turnovers were the biggest reason Miami didn't have a chance against New Orleans.

Tannehill's ability to shrug off a bad game is a big litmus test for the entire Dolphins team.

"We talked to the team -- we aren't going to be riding the wave around here," Philbin said. "We look for guys who have a consistent approach toward every single game and every day at work that they look to strive to improve. There's no magic wand we are going to wave, but you've got to learn from mistakes, correct and then move forward."

Tannehill had a pair of three-interception games last year and had mixed results the following week. After throwing three picks in Week 1 in 2012, Tannehill had a 91.0 passer rating in a Week 2 win over the Oakland Raiders. After throwing three picks in Week 10 last year, Tannehill had a 46.9 passer rating in a Week 11 loss to the Buffalo Bills.

Sherman, who has coached Tannehill since college, isn't concerned about his quarterback moving on this week.

"I think that's the strength of Ryan Tannehill," Sherman explained. "I always check on the sideline with our quarterback coach, 'How's Ryan?', [and he says] 'he's fine, he's fine."