Miami morning take: Bye week

Here are the most interesting Miami Dolphins stories Sunday from around the web:

  • Chris Perkins of the Sun Sentinel takes a look back at potential options for the Dolphins' offensive line.

Morning take: The draft would have been the best way to address this issue. There were offensive-line options in the first and third rounds. However, the Dolphins went in different directions and can't revisit this issue until 2014.

Morning take: Tannehill is definitely improving in his second season. I've been impressed, especially considering how the rest of the offense has underperformed. Tannehill's development the rest of the season will be key to Miami making a push for the playoffs.

  • Hal Habib of the Palm Beach Post says the 24 sacks allowed by the Dolphins go beyond the offensive line.

Morning take: I agree that you can’t put everything on Miami’s weakest unit. However, more than half of the sacks by my count go to the guys up front, and that must improve.

Morning take: This is a good chance for players to rest and recharge their bodies. A big AFC East game is coming up against the Buffalo Bills. This is the first division game for Miami this season.