Poll Friday: Patriots or Jets?

We have a tough dilemma for Miami Dolphins fans heading into Week 7. Here is our latest Poll Friday question: Would Miami fans rather have the New England Patriots or New York Jets lose on Sunday?

This weekend is filled with AFC East matchups. The Dolphins (3-2) host the Buffalo Bills (2-4), and the Jets (3-3) host the Patriots (5-1). But which team would Miami fans prefer to lose in the other matchup?

Is it the Patriots? New England is leading the AFC East and can pull away from the Dolphins by improving to 6-1. However, a Patriots loss that drops them to 5-2 would set up an enticing battle for first place in the division if Miami takes care of business and improves to 4-2 against Buffalo. Is this the idea scenario for Dolphins fans?

Or would Dolphins fans rather the Jets lose? New York has played above expectations, and is arguably Miami’s biggest rivalry. A loss would put the Jets below .500 and could make the AFC East a two-team race between Miami and New England.

It’s a tough call for Dolphins fans. Using our SportsNation poll, vote on whether you’d like to see the Patriots or Jets lose on Sunday. You can also share your thoughts below, or message me via Twitter @JamesWalkerNFL.