Saturday Q&A: Dolphins QB Pat Devlin

DAVIE, Fla. -- Life isn’t easy for a third-stringer in the NFL. You’re one of the final players on the roster and you’re always concerned about being released.

I caught up with third-string quarterback Pat Devlin this week to get a feel for what it’s like living on the edge in the NFL.

Pat, you play a glamour position. But your string isn’t glamorous on the depth chart. What is that like?

Pat Devlin: It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s just football. I treat every week as if I were the starter. In my opinion, there’s nothing too different about it. I’m two plays away. But you still prepare like you’re one play away. You never know if [backup quarterback] Matt [Moore] is going to get sick that day. So you never know. You always got to prepare like you’re the starter.

Do you get ribbed as the third-string quarterback?

PD: No, man, they’re great [laughs]. They’re always great to me. I think I got lucky with the team, I guess.

One week you have to be Joe Flacco in practice. Another week you have to be Drew Brees. How difficult is that when you just want to be yourself?

PD: It’s fun, but it’s difficult. You have cards that you’re looking at and trying to decide what the opposite team is trying to do on offense. So it’s definitely a challenge looking at that, and it’s a challenge going against the No. 1 guys [on defense]. But overall it helps everyone get better. Sometimes the card just says throw it here because he throws it here. That’s tough. But other than that, you’re playing your game.

Speaking of Flacco, you are also a Delaware alum. Did you two cross paths and do you feel he helped NFL teams discover your alma mater?

PD: I was a couple years after him. We had a different coaching staff than when Flacco was there. So there weren’t a lot of similarities with the offense we ran when he was there. But I saw him a couple times when he came back to school. I think every team has a great scouting department, and they do their homework on players. So if you’re good enough, it doesn’t matter where you are.

The Dolphins (3-2) will host the Buffalo Bills (2-4) Sunday in a big AFC East game for both teams.