Week 8 Temperature Check: Dolphins fans

The Miami Dolphins are on a three-game losing streak heading into Sunday’s game against the first-place New England Patriots (5-2). It’s time again for our weekly temperature check for Miami fans.

How are Dolphins fans feeling about this game? Are you super confident Miami will go into Foxborough and pound the Patriots? New England isn’t the same team as in previous years. The AFC East is up for grabs.

How about cautiously optimistic? The Dolphins made a lot of roster additions this offseason in an effort to close the gap with New England. This is the time to show it.

Or are you nervous about this game, Dolphins fans? Miami hasn’t won a road game against the Patriots since 2008 and has played some bad football recently. New England is a difficult team to beat at home. Could it also be disastrous?

Using our SportsNation poll, vote on how you’re feeling about this game against New England as a Dolphins fan. You can also share your thoughts below or message me via Twitter @JamesWalkerNFL.