Second wave of QBs could lead to trade possibilities for Dolphins

McShay: Great uncertainty around QBs in draft (1:04)

Todd McShay says he has no confidence about where quarterbacks will be drafted, but he does believe Mitchell Trubisky will be the first QB off the board. (1:04)

DAVIE, Fla. -- The Miami Dolphins hold their lowest first-round draft slot in seven years following their 10-win season and playoff run in 2016. Miami holds seven picks total and currently is the only NFL team without fourth-round and sixth-round selections this year.

But with so much speculation and chatter about this year’s quarterback class, could the Dolphins find trade opportunities late in the first round to acquire more picks?

Miami’s No. 22 overall pick could garner interest next week from quarterback-needy teams. According to ESPN’s Jon Gruden, four quarterbacks will be taken in the first round.

North Carolina’s Mitch Trubisky and Clemson’s Deshaun Watson are expected to go in the first 15-20 picks. However, interest in the second wave of quarterbacks -- which includes Texas Tech’s Patrick Mahomes II and Notre Dame’s DeShone Kizer -- is picking up.

There are plenty of teams selecting after Miami in need of a quarterback, either immediately or trying to find a successor for their aging starter. Those clubs include the Houston Texans (No. 25), Kansas City Chiefs (No. 27), Pittsburgh Steelers (No. 30) and New Orleans Saints (No. 32). With so many teams interested in a quarterback, the value of Miami’s No. 22 pick could rise.

"We'll always make what decision we feel is best," Dolphins vice president Mike Tannenbaum said Wednesday of potential trades. "Typically you get calls both ways, maybe three in front of you and three behind you. We have our trade charts."

In a defense-heavy draft, Miami could afford to trade back and acquire more picks to provide depth and fill more needs. The Dolphins were ranked 29th in total defense last year and 30th against the run. They can use more playmaking, youth and athleticism at linebacker, safety, defensive end, defensive tackle and a nickel cornerback. Another second-round or third-round pick could be very valuable.

The Dolphins did a solid job of filling many of their pressing needs this offseason. Perhaps the only gaping holes currently are at linebacker and guard. This puts Miami in position to take the best available player and/or field trade offers. Trading down for more picks is a good idea for the Dolphins if the opportunity presents itself.